#mrjonmoore Audio adventures episode015

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Well Hello!!!


And welcome to “Everyone can Podcast!”


Not only can you, you probably should!


Everyone has at least one story in them and now you can let that story run free.


Once upon a time, way back in 2004 when podcasting began we would have needed a studio, soundproof walling, boom mics, mixers and a whole lot of other gear. Since those early days, technology has changed, changed by leaps and bounds.


While we always try to produce the best possible sound in our recordings, the tools now available allow podcasters to produce good quality audio with much less intrusive physical gear.


This means we can find our voice without having to learn all the dark arts of the audio engineer. We can say, with some certainty, the world of audio has been and will continue to be disrupted by new algorithms in the same way print media has been irrevocably changed by the blog and video production by Youtube.


Just think for a moment, not everyone can write powerful prose, not everyone is photogenic, not everyone can sing but everyone can, thanks to podcasting, have a voice!


And everyone’s voice is worth hearing. As I said, we all have a message for the world, we all have that one story. After all we are the storytelling species on this planet.


Whether you know your story, your passion, your message and you’re ready to start telling the world or you feel it lurking just below the surface, mrjonmoore Audio Services is the place to start sharing it with the world!


Go to the website, mrjonmoore.com or email me at jon@mrjonmoore.com

to start your journey into the fulfilling, life changing world of podcasting!

New podcast episode from mrjonmoore!


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