Episode 19. Project BREAD 5

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New podcast episode from mrjonmoore!


#mrjonmoore Audio adventures episode015

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Well Hello!!!


And welcome to “Everyone can Podcast!”


Not only can you, you probably should!


Everyone has at least one story in them and now you can let that story run free.


Once upon a time, way back in 2004 when podcasting began we would have needed a studio, soundproof walling, boom mics, mixers and a whole lot of other gear. Since those early days, technology has changed, changed by leaps and bounds.


While we always try to produce the best possible sound in our recordings, the tools now available allow podcasters to produce good quality audio with much less intrusive physical gear.


This means we can find our voice without having to learn all the dark arts of the audio engineer. We can say, with some certainty, the world of audio has been and will continue to be disrupted by new algorithms in the same way print media has been irrevocably changed by the blog and video production by Youtube.


Just think for a moment, not everyone can write powerful prose, not everyone is photogenic, not everyone can sing but everyone can, thanks to podcasting, have a voice!


And everyone’s voice is worth hearing. As I said, we all have a message for the world, we all have that one story. After all we are the storytelling species on this planet.


Whether you know your story, your passion, your message and you’re ready to start telling the world or you feel it lurking just below the surface, mrjonmoore Audio Services is the place to start sharing it with the world!


Go to the website, mrjonmoore.com or email me at jon@mrjonmoore.com

to start your journey into the fulfilling, life changing world of podcasting!

New podcast episode from mrjonmoore!

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A test and the results of a few too many edits.

New podcast episode from mrjonmoore!

#mrjonmoore audio adventures episode013

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And the steps of humans

One by one

Herded to and herded from


A mixing of worlds

As I live but one

Coffee and cruise ships and

Mono and Stereo


And the pointless

The pointed

The blunted


Week after week

Rock at the hilltop

No! Another week


Years follows year

Deaths follows death

The cardinal points, each season


Uncoupled from the patterns

Struggling to read

New patterns but


A hope and then Drought

Storms, thunder, fires

No rain


Shopping, not stopping

Buying, not thinking

Rolling, not stepping


I sit in the Sun

On a warm April Day

Of reunion

Of Coffee and


And the steps of humans

One by one

Herded to and herded from


* * * *

Yep you have a blinder and I have a good idea to have an idea that I can be the only person who has a wonderful idea for the individuals that are in this arvo and the other one that makes the article more sense than what a blinder is.


I have to go to the gym and so I have to go to the gym to get a new car park and then I have to go to the gym and then I have to go to the gym.


The gym has gone on and my birthday has to have an amazing time and aggravation of course my best idea for me some time I had an amazing day today.


I love the fact that you there are an idea of the idea of an app that is a great app to be a good app for sure to have the app on your app or not just to read the book you can do to read the book.

New podcast episode from mrjonmoore!


After what feels like a lifetime of days over 30 degrees C, it’s raining. We had a patchy storm three days ago but this feels better. 

The dusty smell of water on thirsty soil. Flooding the nostrils, refreshing the soul, breezes floating in and off again.

The next week looks more like autumn, low 20s, cooler nights.

The lightening still flashes, the thunder rolls, soil and skin soak up moisture.

The wheel of the year turns, the turning is slower over summer quicker over winter. And the climate changes….

We Only See What We Are Looking For

Listening to RN Breakfast yesterday morning, I heard a most remarkable interview. The remarkable part was not what was said but the conclusion not reached.

The interview was on the horrors of heavy metal contamination in seafood. This was traced back to the plastics floating around the oceans of the world. The higher up the food chain, the greater the concentrations of these metals. All very straight forward and unremarkable. It is good to have measurable data to confirm a thought experiment.

Given the many more layers within the marine ecosystem between the seabed and human food, it seemed logical heavy metals and maybe even other toxins are more concentrated in seafood when compared to lamb and/or beef.

The remarkable part of the interview was the statement: …and these plastics soak up heavy metals from the ocean. “Wow!”, I thought. Plastics can be used to clean the marine environment, be collected and re-engineered back into oil and the heavy metals used in industry. Not one mention of this. Just the dangers of eating seafood.

Maybe I picked up on this because I neither like nor eat seafood. Keep your eyes, ears and sixth sense open. Information is coming to us all the time. If we are not trapped in academic silos we are more likely to spot cross disciplinary opportunities.


As we only “See what we are looking for”, I would be grateful if you checked out my new blog: World Organic News

A Clearing of Sorts…

This being still is a strange thing. Veils lift, mist clears, the truth is revealed and then retires behind its veil again. This seems to happening in some sort of cycle yet the frequency remains a mystery.

I feel I am on the edge of clarity, true clarity. The surprising thing about this is the mists may be part of the truth. Full understanding on this plane may be a matter of approximation. This is a truly inspiring realisation. Acting before full knowledge, not acting with the most minimal knowledge, taking a middle path. Still going “all in” but doing so without complete knowledge is a strange feeling.

Given that time is what stops everything happening all at once, the slow revelation of reality may just be a function of time. Yet time itself, we are told, is an artificial construct. If that is so then what if space/time is also an artificial construct? What if all we ever wanted, needed and desired was there already and we only denied ourselves these things  because we give credence and reality to the artificial construct? What if?

To test this hypothesis, I now choose to manifest health, wealth, love and perfect self expression, now! Even our language betrays us. If time is not real, what use is the word “Now.”? What, in the name of all that is sacred, is “Now.”? Is the “now” I am writing this different from the “now” when I started?

Being still quells these questions. Does not answer them but leaves them as questionings from my own vain imaginings. Instant manifestation versus absolute stillness may even be the wrong dichotomy. Instant manifestation and absolute stillness may be the same thing. Imagine that!!!

Stop for a moment and imagine that! Really imagine it. In absolute stillness and in infinite compassion, imagine instant manifestation. Just imagine…

Bless you all.


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